The VMT makes a big difference in not only my study habits, but the quality of the study itself. Not only do I get the worksheets with the questions and answers, but more valuable is the Audio/Visual portion of the program. To me that’s invaluable, It’s like I never left the classroom. One good example, I was called by my company during the semester to travel to California for two weeks, to miss four days of class would have been devastating if not for the VMT. Good job on this program must have been a lot of hard work. I appreciate it for it will help for many years to come.

Matthew Groves

  I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the software you have made. When I don't understand a concept in Math, I just open up either VMT or VCT and watch a video to clear up things. The content I learn watching a movie compared to reading a book is far more. It is basically like having a lecture at hand of anything somebody doesn't understand.  Thank you very much for creating your software.

Craig M. Schlenke

All of your materials including the Virtual Math Tutor are fantastic.  I highly recommend that other professors and institutions take a look at your work and adopt it for their own courses.

Dyanna Franks

Math has always been my worst subject in school. The reason I had such a problem with it is because I have a hard time making myself do problems out of a book or focus to take notes while listening to lectures. Virtual Math Tutor has helped me become a much better math student because of how it is formatted. It is an interactive program where you have notes, instructive videos, and example problems always at your disposal for every subject. I find myself studying and truly understanding how processes work as opposed to memorizing formulas to forget as soon as I am tested over them.

Jeremy Erikson

VMT helped a WHOLE lot. I was able to go over and over the things that I didn't understand.......And VMT was very  easy to navigate, I took your advice and really studied a few things so I would be best at some things and not just ok at all things. What's funny is after I picked the subjects I liked best, I ended up learning everything.

Annie Evans

To me, as a physician studying calculus independently, the Virtual Calculus Tutor is a wonderful resource. Building on the success of Dr. Lewin's Virtual Math Tutor which helped me build a strong foundation for the study of calculus, the VCT has assisted me in beginning to build a deep understanding of the mathematics behind calculus. I have learned not only that a solution is correct, by why it is correct. The videos, which are an integral part of the program, makes one feel as if you are really in the lecture hall listening to a lecture, but you can  stop and replay at any time. The numerous exercises which are available also allow the student to actually see and hear how Dr. Lewin approaches a solution to a particular problem. The comprehension of the material presented in VCT (and VMT), will provide a solid foundation for any student embarking on the study of mathematics, or for any other field.

Dr. Stephen Pleatman

I have been directed to thank you for your email and your generous help towards the Tibetan children in learning mathematics easy and interesting. I will be forwarding your mail to Tibetan Children's Village,school where mathematics are being taught and i am sure they will be happy and excited about it. I would once again like to thank you for sharing your wisdom .

Tenzin Choejor, Office of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama


I just wanted to let you know how mcuh your exercies have helped me. I probably, like most, cannot grasp even 25% of the material during class but the videos allow me to go at my own pace with the graded direction I need.

Trent Renta


I VMT is a wonderful program! I only wish that other instructors would incorporate this way of teaching in their courses as well. VMT gives every student the same opportunity to get a 100% in the class. I found this program incredibly useful because it allowed me to pay attention to the lectures rather than worrying about scrambling notes, which I would later find useless. I could focus on the purpose and explanation for each step of the problem. I found VMT helpful because if I did not understand a concept in class,I could just go to the program and watch a detailed lesson on it. It was also great to know that all the answers to the worksheets were fully explained because It gave me complete confidence that what I was practicing studying was correct. The lectures and exercises answered all of my questions pertaining to precalculus as well as covering concepts that made no sense to me in high school! This program has demonstrated that It is suitable for  visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.This is a program that gives every student with any learning style a chance to succeed in the class.

Jennifer Reynaud