I can tell you that Virtual Calculus Tutor helped me SO much throughout the semester.  Everything you taught in the course was laid out in detail in an easy-to-read format.  If I had any questions, I would go to the desired section and read it.  Usually every question I had was answered in the VCT text.  Once the final came around, I think I read VCT completely at least three times.  Each time I read it, I noticed something new that I had missed previously that helped me in my understanding.  I think that the way you have written VCT is excellent.  I feel that by reading it, anyone can learn calculus, including those who do not feel that they are math-minded.  I actually felt that way coming into your pre-calc class and look at me know! I have an "A" in calculus!.

Dyanna Franks

To me, as a physician studying calculus independently, the Virtual Calculus Tutor is a wonderful resource. Building on the success of Dr. Lewin's Virtual Math Tutor which helped me build a strong foundation for the study of calculus, the VCT has assisted me in beginning to build a deep understanding of the mathematics behind calculus. I have learned not only that a solution is correct, by why it is correct. The videos, which are an integral part of the program, makes one feel as if you are really in the lecture hall listening to a lecture, but you can stop and replay at any time. The numerous exercises which are available also allow the student to actually see and hear how Dr. Lewin approaches a solution to a particular problem. The comprehension of the material presented in VCT (and VMT), will provide a solid foundation for any student embarking on the study of mathematics, or for any other field.

Dr. Stephen Pleatman

As a studying tool, Virtual Calculus Tutor was extremely helpful for my Calculus I course. It was very easy to navigate: the content is organized in an obvious and intuitive manner that makes finding specific information quick and effortless. The explanation of that information is clear and examples are plentiful, so that my questions of the material were almost always answered within the text of the VCT documents. If at any point I could not fully understand a concept, the unique format of VCT as a computer-based information source made it especially easy for me to share questions with my professor or classmates.

Andrea Benavides

The VCT was a great help to me during math 1190.  I was able to quickly retrieve any subject for which I needed further explanation during my studying hours. Each subject was broken down to a level of understanding that was easy to read and simple to grasp.  Because it is so organized and easy to use, I believe it decreased my studying time to less than if I had to fumble through lots of paper notes that were not labeled and misplaced.  Being a mother of three, having the materials to maximize my studying time was a blessing.  I know I speak for a great deal of students when I say the time you spend in your basement developing this software is greatly appreciated.  Calculus is not an easy subject for me or for many others.  But you have found a way to teach it in a way that makes it less intimidating.

Tracy Foreman

  I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the software you have made. When I don't understand a concept in Math, I just open up either VMT or VCT and watch a video to clear up things. The content I learn watching a movie compared to reading a book is far more. It is basically like having a lecture at hand of anything somebody doesn't understand.  Thank you very much for creating your software.

Craig M. Schlenke

Virtual Calculus Tutor played a huge role in my understanding of the material. In fact, I could even say that it was my primary tool for study. I bought a couple of used Calculus text books for extra practice only to find that VCT was better in all aspects. VCT is self-contained, thorough, and easy to understand.

Ansel Crowder

I used VCT in my studies during Calculus II. I found it indispensable. The content was organized logically and uniformly. The videos were professional and consistent. The navigation tools made watching the videos efficient. I didn't have to sit through hours of content for which I didn't need help and could jump right to the parts I did need. It was an essential tool for my Calculus studies. Even though my course is over I am sure I will be referring to this tool for years to come.

Chris Bougher

Virtual Calculus Tutor was absolutely critical to my survival in the course, as was Virtual Math Tutor in pre-calculus. Being able to jump directly to a particular subject, view a document on the material AND view a movie with an explanation of the document was invaluable. Although, your availability via email/phone is downright heroic, as a student, I prefer to figure things out for myself. Even if it takes a little longer, I tend to remember the material better this way. Without the VCT software to reference, I am 100% certain I would not have succeeded in Calculus--a book simply would not have been as effective. I only wish more instructors would utilize technology in this way..

Alan Rice

Thank you once more for providing me with a copy of Virtual Calculus Tutor.  I just got my A in Calculus I, and your videos provided the in-depth understanding that I require to be able to remember the concepts.

Christopher St. John

Jonathan, I have looked at your Virtual Calculus Tutor materials. They are outstanding! I really do think that the Virtual Calculus Tutor is a unique product that does just what it says - serves as a tutor for calculus students. The cost of hiring an actual tutor would certainly be much greater than the cost of purchasing your product!

Dr. Sean Ellermeyer,
Professor of Mathematics, Kennesaw State University


it was the most useful material that I have had in a math class ever.

Michael Gunter